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Our Mission

The Los Angeles Institute for Restorative Practices is dedicated to providing culturally responsive expertise through empirical research on behavioral science, social justice, and evidence based on right- brain restorative practices to families, schools, and communities.

Comprehensive Social-Emotional School Overhaul- Shifting Culture Two-Year Plan -School Application

LAIRP provides a unique, individualized schoolwide restorative practices alignment. This two-year relationship provides a comprehensive overhaul around school systems, school culture, and teacher wellbeing.  Our professional development focuses on four quadrants: The First Quadrant focuses on building scholar capacity by building emotional language and narrative to engage in community-building activities. Teachers receive 14 hours of theory, application, and role-play professional development.  
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Process with teachers 
  • Right-Brain Social-Emotional student lessons (12 Turn-Key Lessons)
  • Building Capacity 
  • Trust and Empathy 
The Second Quadrant: Helps school administrators Align schoolwide systems and procedures to mirror restorative/ trauma-responsive initiatives. Align to a comprehensive MTSS model where social-emotional learning and processing can unfold and be measured. 
  • Right-Brain Circles © 
  • Multi-tier systems or PBIS (Framework)
  • Tracking Systems (measured progress) 
Our Third Quadrant: establishes a comprehensive schoolwide plan equipped with goals to help support parents, scholars, paraprofessionals, and teachers. The school site administrators convene bi-monthly  with LAIRP coaches to discuss school climate and culture, social-emotional learning goals, and parent involvement. The school is working with other stakeholders and experts to advance knowledge and skills.  
  • LAIRP will provide follow- up professional development (2 per school-site)  
  • LAIRP Parent training/ presentation (Restorative Parenting) 
  • LAIRP onsite SEL Observation & Feedback (Help site leaders implement policies, standards, and guidance that support teachers, coaches, and paraprofessionals to integrate SEL with academic instruction. Support is also extended to fostering best practices in behavior management, discipline, and school climate that promote healthy, safe, and nurturing environments for all scholars.
  Our Final Quadrant: Focuses on fidelity monitoring LAIRP works with School leadership to help define and develop a Fidelity team that will monitor, support, and supervise SEL initiatives.   Ten hours of technical support
  • Monthly meetings 
  • Culture and Climate-Touch points 
  • Consistency and sustainability
Parent Training/ Professional Development

Training With Us

LAIRP is a consulting and training institute that focuses on building and equipping institutions, schools, and professionals with the skills and right-brain approach. To download our training menu click the button below.