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The leadership team at the Los Angeles Institute for Restorative Practices is comprised of individuals who have extensive life and academic experience. Our teams professional background extends from psychologists, behavioral researchers, school administrators, law enforcement and community crisis advocates. Our focus is to provide impartial conscious professional development that will further the study of existing scientific research associated with restorative practices and social emotional awareness as it relates to meaningful interactions.

Carlos Alvarez Speaker Researcher- and Pioneer of Right Brain Restorative Practices

Graduate Degree in Forensic Psychology

Specialization Sexual Deviancy

Undergraduate Degree in Criminal Justice

Specializing in Juvenile Offender

Founder & Right Brain Restorative Trainer and Investigator

  • School Discipline and Culture
  • Youth and Community Violence.

Adriana Alvarez US ARMY Veteran

Clinician Researcher / Investigator

Graduate Degree in Clinical Psychology

Specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy

Undergraduate Degree in Criminal Justice

Specialization in Treatment

Co-Founder & Right Brain Circle Trainer and Facilitator

Dr. Daisy Gomez Ed. D

Doctorate Degree Counseling Psychology

Graduate Degree in Forensic Psychology

Undergraduate Degree in Psychology

Vice President of Community Forensic Psychology/ Juvenile Programing

Verenice Silva MS CWS PPS

Professional Graduate Degree in School Psychology

Graduate Degree In Forensic Psychology

Undergraduate Degree in Chicano Studies

Pupil People Service Credential

Vice President Of Diversity and Student Support

Specialization in populations of diversity