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Restorative Conferencing Certifications

Restorative Conferencing Certifications

Facilitating Restorative Conferencing

Eliminate Suspensions and Expulsions

Repairing Harm by Restorative Conferencing

A Restorative Conference is a structured meeting between offenders, victims  both parties’ family and friends. The conference allows for the participants to explore the consequences of the crime or wrongdoing and decide how best to repair the harm. Restorative Conferences are neither  a counseling session nor a mediation process. Conferencing is a victim-sensitive, straightforward problem-solving method that demonstrates how citizens can resolve their own problems when provided with a constructive forum to do so (O’Connell, Wachtel, & Wachtel, 1999).

FRC Training Mc Farland Unified School District, Mc Farland California
Bright Star Charter Schools, Los Angeles California


  • Learn how to navigate conflict
  • How to prepare up a successful conference outcome
  • Develop non-punitive resources
  • Learn how to witness the conflict not be in the conflict.
  • Replace Suspensions and Expulsions with Restorative Conference

Culturally Sensitive Processing

Unpacking crucial conversation

LAIRP works closely with school district personnel to help families process questions, information, in a manner where constructive feedback can occur. LAIRP consultants will help unpack difficult conversations along side school administration with the aim on building collaborative solutions.

LAIRP At Maywood Elementary, Maywood California

Become Right Brain Restoration Certified