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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

LAIRP Right-Brain Community Policing Model 

Through research, we now recognize how humans process emotional states, conflict, and interpersonal experiences. Science explains human behavior. One key player in our behavior is self-regulation, which is influenced by different factors. An individual’s ability to self-regulate plays a significant role in the interactions between the police and the community. When a law enforcement officer engages an individual, several themes begin to surface.

These themes are dependent on the community member’s experience or prior family experience with law enforcement. The interaction naturally heightens both the community member and officer’s awareness. This, coupled with the use of punitive language and action can exacerbate negative coping skills in response to the officer’s language, posture, and ultimate goal.

LARP’s Four-day “Right Brain Community Policing Training / Certification will allow police officers to understand human behavior and the dynamics of self-regulation and its role in daily interactions.

Training will include:

  • Role-Playing (Community Scenarios)
  • Verbal Restorative De-escalation
  • Mental Health First-Aid
  • Family Conflict and De-escalation
  • Establishing Community Norms (Restorative Justice)
  • Community-Based Organizations and Referrals
  • The Adolescent Psyche
  • Family Dynamics

Become Right Brain Restoration Certified